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About All Dubbed Up Events terms & conditions

When placing a deposit or payable amount of monies in full for the hire of All Dubbed Up Events Limited products listed on this website and/or All Dubbed Up Events social media websites, you are entering a Legally Binding Agreement based on our terms and Privacy Policy. These terms & conditions applies to all our products & services, if you do not agree to these terms & conditions please refrain for using this website and/or our social media sites where ever applies. You continued use of this website and/or our social media sites you aromatically will be deemed to be of acceptance of our terms & conditions agreement.

Our products & services

All our products & services are subject to availability. The images & photo's of our products are for illustrative purposes and resemblance of our products and may vary slightly.

All Dubbed Up Events contract with you

We require full details of your event including which product(s), date(s), time(s) and area postcode(s) where applicable in writing via e-mail or social media messaging for you to obtain a full written quote that will be valid for 14 days only. Once a full written quote has been obtained by our clients this does not confirm the booking. Any additional add on's need to be stated in writing via e-mail and would need to be looked at by us to amend any quote of any additional chargers that may occur. No booking is confirmed until the agreed deposit has been payed and a contact agreement with us will only be formed once we confirm receipt of deposit on the date given by our client for the hire of our products. The hire of our products can become no longer available on a time or date given if an additional party secures a date via us obtaining there deposit. Our clients deposit confirms and holds the date and time given and reserves our product(s) to the client. You the client is solely responsible for providing correct details in conjunction with the booking agreement. Unfounded details with in the hire of our products can not be accepted and fulfilled by us unless we wish to do so or we see where fit or a result of termination of the agreement and hire of our products.

Payment, price & outstanding balance

All prices of quotes given are in British pounds sterling and are all inclusive of tax with the price in writing is the price you pay. Any of our price rises will not affect a clients booking once deposit has been taken by us.

A minimum deposit of £75 is required on each and every product to confirming a booking with us. When we receive funds in way of deposit the product for hire will be reserved for our client on date given by our client.

The full remaining balance must be paid in full 28 days prior the date of the event along with any extra cost that has been fully agreed by us. It is the responsibility of our client once full balance has been payed to confirm details of the hire at the event, any change of details our client must inform us as soon as possible and further chargers may apply.

If a quote has been received by our client in the way of misquote of price by human error, we are in no obligation to provide the hire of our service(s) at a misquote of price in question. We will contact our client promptly to rectify the pricing and renew the quote to our client.

Cancellation of booking

If you the client wish to cancel a booking you have confirmed with us, you must do so in writing. Charges will occur and must be payed in full within 21 days of receipt of our cancellation charge invoice.

Cancellation charges are shown deemed on length of time before the date on the agreed date of hire.

Charge table, cancellations

  • More than 6 months - 50% of Total Package Price
  • Less than 6 months - 75% of Total Package Price
  • Less than 4 months - 100% of Total Package Price
  • Failing to confirm a cancellation or no response from our client - 100% of Total Package Price
  • Our client can change the date of the event if we have been notified within 4 months of the original agreed date. To change the date there is a charge of £65 payable immediately.

Our client can change the date of the event if we have been notified within 4 months of the original agreed date. To change the date there is a charge of £65 payable immediately.

In the very unlikely event that we cancel the booking for no fault of the client the deposit will be returned to the client within 21 days of the cancellation

If we cancel the booking in fault of the client and in breach of the terms and conditions the same applies as cancellation charge table above.

We reserve the right to cancel the booking with the client if the booking situation becomes unattainable due to actions from the client without liability to the client and no obligation to refund the deposit or the payment in full to the client if:

  • The client does not pay the balance in full by the due date, unless other wise arrangement of the payment with ourselves.
  • Communication brake down or we have reasonable grounds to believe you may not pay the balance for the booking in full.
  • If the client has deliberately concealed information or incorrect information regards the booking and mislead book circumstances.
  • If All Dubbed Up Events employees sustain any threatening or abusive behavior before and at the event from the client or anyone attending the event, we have the right if the situation we feel becomes unattainable to stop the booking with immediate effect.
  • If we think we have reasonable grounds to believe that the behavior of the client or the behavior of the clients guests or of a 3rd party can cause damage to property or product of All Dubbed Up Events, we can stop the booking with immediate effect.
  • You the client has'not arrange suitable access to a venue or reasonable access for unloading and loading of our equipment inside the venue and getting into and out the venue.
  • If the event is running late and we are unable to attend due to other work related commitments.

Locations, venue access & positioning of our products

We require full details and address including postcode of location(s) the event is taking place, it is the clients full responsibility to provide us with the correct details and any known problems we may encounter getting to the location(s), we can not be held responsible for difficulty on getting to a location(s). There must be suitable parking with appropriate access for our vehicle(s) and any parking fees payed for by the client. We must have a suitable parking place close to the venue for unloading and loading of our equipment. We can not be held responsible for any equipment we have not fitting inside the venue or difficulty of getting to the room inside the venue where our products are to be placed for the duration of the hire but where possible or suitable we may offer a position to place our products else where in/at the venue. We can not be held responsible for moving a room around such as moving tables, chairs and other items at the venue including the clearing of a room, if our product(s) run late for no fault of our own then the agreed start time still stands. We are happy to work with venues but not things out of our control.

Hire time & setting up of our products

The hire time we will start and finish of our product is stated in the booking and any additional hours would need to be granted by us at a charge, if we are able to carry on the extra time. Setting up our product(s) is in our own time and the client wont be charged for setting up of our products. Photo booth hire will need a minimum of 60 minutes to set up and vintage ice cream hire will need a minimum of 45 minutes to set up, all times are estimated and are depending on where our vehicles are parked at the venue and access inside the venue but we make sure we arrive in good time for the setup period but any delays caused by the client, venue or 3rd party is not our responsibility. If our product is idle such as we need to set up earlier to get access to the location, an hourly rate of £50 per hour will be charged for idle hours while our products are idle unless we have agreed to waive the charge as part of a package deal provided by us.

Situations out of our control

All Dubbed Up Events will always try our very best to attend all our events and bookings made for the hire of our products on time, but if we experience circumstances that are made out of our control such as:

  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Brake down of vehicle
  • Our personal well being, illness and health

We reserve the right to cancel the booking and a full refund to the client will be given.

Where circumstances make us late due to severe traffic delays or transport brake down you will be offered the same hire time with a later start time, if not possible due to venue close of doors you will be refunded for the amount of time lost in this period.

We always carry back ups of our products but in the unlikely event of brake down of our products inclusive of:

  • Printer, your hire period will go a head but photo's will be available on the earliest possible date.
  • LED Lighting or LCD Touchscreen. Your hire period will still go ahead.
  • Freezer, Your hire period will still go ahead where possible.
  • Total brake down of our products. A full refund will be given if the hire does not start with no usage. If a total brake down occurs the hire of our products a partial refund will be issued
  • Wedding cars

We can not be held responsible for traffic congestion or roadworks, our cars maybe vintage but we do use the very latest Sat Nav system and where possible we will always do everything in our power to find an alternative route. In the unlikely event a vehicle brakes downs before the ceremony which may result into a delay or change of vehicle every attempt will be made for an instantaneous repair so the client can continue onward on the journey or where ever possible the client will be transported by another vehicle for the forward journey. If a vehicle brakes down after the ceremony a partial refund will be issued. Total brake down and not making the event a full refund will be issued.

Damage to our products

You the client is fully responsible for any damaged caused to our products by you the client, anyone attending the event and/or any 3rd party at the event. Any damaged caused at cost will be invoiced to you the client and payed by you the client within 10 days of dated invoice.

Our rights

All Dubbed Up Events, has the rights to refuse the carry of any passengers in our cars and/or the use of our products who is thought to be under the influence of drugs and/or bad behavior from the use of alcohol and/or whose behavior poses a threat either to us or our products.

The clients obligations

You the client must comply with the terms and conditions of the Agreement as set out in these Terms.

  • You the client must warrant that you are 18 years old or over 18 and have the authority to enter into the Agreement.
  • You the client confirms not to infringe our rights.
  • You the client is responsible to comply with the laws of the land. England, United Kingdom.
  • You the client must not obtain a false identity or forward misleading or false information.
  • You the client agree to remunerate us against all damages, losses made and costs due to your failure to comply with this Agreement


  • The client - means the person or party or company or organization booking our products.
  • All Dubbed Up Events - the service provider
  • Our products - is the item(s) for hire from the service provider, every product is hired at a price.
  • Booking - is a term in conformation agreement to hire our products at an agreed cost by both parties.

Law and Jurisdiction

This contract of terms and conditions shall be governed by English law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts of England and Wales in all matters regarding website Terms & Conditions.

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